Tanworth in Arden Village Hall 55th AGM 2018

Posted 12 March 2018

Tanworth in Arden Village Hall's 55th Annual General Meeting is to be held on 27 March 2018 from 7.30pm followed cheese and wine.


All residents of Tanworth-in-Arden and the neighbourhood (over 18 years of age) are entitled to attend and vote at the above meeting.  Nominations are invited for the five elected members of the Village Hall Management committee, and six for the Muntz Recreational Trust committee.  Elected members will serve for one year.

Nominations forms can be obtained from the Secretary: Mrs Leila Chaudry by email: vh.tanworth@gmail.com 

The closing date for nominations is 26 March 2018.

As in previous years’ new members are always welcome and if you feel you can give a few hours of your time in support of the village hall the committee will be delighted if you could join us at the AGM and should you so wish we can co-opt you onto the Committee.

Should you require further information please contact the secretary as above. 

We are a Charity and rely on the money we raise from a variety of entertainments and facilities for our community.


A Message from Tanworth in Arden Village Hall & Muntz Committee

Posted 7 February 2018


In the January and February 2017 issue of the Parish Magazine we appealed for potential new committee members to come forward to support the running of the village hall facilities and to provide an injection of new ideas in fund raising.

Regrettably, there has been no response from parishioners.

The Village Hall is run under the auspices of the Charity Commission who have strict criteria for the Trustee structure which we will not be able to fulfil following the forthcoming AGM in March 2018.  Alan Wilding and Roger Skyrme intend to resign from full membership of the Committee.  Alan joined the Committee in 2013 and has been largely responsible for the fundraising activities since then. He also has been

Co- Chairman with Roger Skyrme since 2014.  Roger joined the committee in 2008, and took over the Treasurer’s role in 2012.

To be financially viable, apart from the regular and casual hire of the village hall, annual fundraising is essential to meet the statutory overheads and general running costs of the building. Because of the successful events staged in the last two years or so, a short break in fund raising is sustainable in 2018, but not much beyond.

Alan and Roger are prepared to remain on the Committee as co-opted members which excludes the role of Trustee.  Roger will perform the Treasurer’s role on an interim basis in the expectation that this will be taken over in 2018 by someone else. The current projects to make improvements to the entrance and stage will continue to be pursued by Alan & Roger.

The bottom line is that the Charity Commission will not allow the Hall & Muntz sites to continue in operation without their minimum Trustee structure in post.  Unless we can achieve this, the plans of those who wish to use the village hall in 2018-9 are in serious jeopardy. The Hall (and Muntz) would have to close and the assets sold.  Surely, nobody who has enjoyed the facilities and entertainments provided by these sites over the years would countenance this conclusion.

Committee work can be rewarding and fun.  Alan and Roger together with others, would help new members to assimilate the various roles to run the Hall and Muntz sites.

Can you help your local community? 

Please think about this and get in touch with Alan (01564 742672) or Roger (01564 742059) if you wish to help.

Issued for and on behalf of the Committee by:

Alan Wilding & Roger Skyrme

(Joint Chairpersons)